About Whisk(e)y Informer

About Whisk(e)y Informer
Your Whisk(e)y tipster for killer drams.

A badass and a card walk into a bar...

Yes. Whisk(e)y Informer began as a joke and a crazy idea in 2015. But it quickly became a collaborative dream project for both men, a 20+ years booze industry insider now-turned spirits-buyer and a nine-year beverage industry experience technologist- and drink-loving creative-turned-marketer. After a couple of years, with the money was not coming in + the expenses rising, we hastily decided to close shop.

But just like Covid-19 has altered the daily, the two informants chose to reboot the mission.

WI's mission is to provide timely Whisky, Whiskey, and whiskey-like Spirits info and tips. Since Whisk(e)y Informer will try to bring you confidential information, we reserve the right to remain anonymous at this time.